Mobilicity in Vancouver: Day 3

So it`s day three and the Mobilicity network nearly made it back last night. I was on hold to customer service for another hour last night and while on hold my phone miraculously showed as being connected to mobilcity. But on the way to work as soon as I got closer to the office (which is still well within the coverage area) it dissapeared and went to `CDN Roaming` again which means for me, no phone or texts.

The new surprise is that not all phones will work on the network (mine does but that doesn't seem to help me) even if they are unlocked. Obviously the frequencies Moblicity bought are cheaper therefore you need certain phones. Any phone purchased from them will be fine. We have 4 phones in our house. A cheap Fido Nokia which has the right frequencies but doesn't have an unlock code. A Samsung slider phone unlocked but wont work. A Blackberry Curve 8310 unlocked which wont work. And a Samsung Vibrant from the USA (T-Mobile) which works. So one out of three ain't bad. So don't assume you can buy an unlocked phone and jump on the network. It must be able to handle the right frequencies: 3G and 1700 / 2100 range.

Mobilicity network down in Vancouver

The problem with being an early adopter is working through the issue that come with new things. My initial review of the Mobilicity network was fair, however they just dropped the ball big time - the network is down, no phone, no data, no nothing. It has been over 36 hours and still I sit here with no mobile connectivity. The connection I did have which was using Rogers towers has stopped so nothing is working. I occaisionaly get data connection but over all the Mobilicity phone network is down. Spent over 1 hour on the phone waiting to talk to Mobilicity Support last night only to be told we are fine tuning the network and know there is a problem...right...

So if you are thinking of switching to mobilicity then you might want to wait until they get their shizz sorted. Plenty of cheap mobile phone companies will also take your money. They might get mine soon.

Mobilicity Review for Vancouver

So, it's been two weeks now since I signed up to mobilicity in Vancouver. I thought it might be worth jotting down my thoughts for anyone else considering switching to a cheap prepaid mobile provider. There are now few available including Chatr, Mobilicity, Koodo, Wind and others. Koodo I understand is one of the larger mobile company spin-offs. Chatr is a fighting brand of Rogers wireless attempting to be back the new competition that has entered the market.
I was on Fido and was generally pretty happy but as a medium to low user spending over $80 a month for phone and data I think it is unreasonable. I also believe that three-year contracts are archaic and unnecessary.

xbox Live Complaints

OK. Short rant about xbox.

  • First why does xbox insist on charging for using netflix when no one else does
  • Second why should have you to buy things to improve your avatars
  • Third why does xbox charge you just to get any premium content
  • Fourth why does xbox not provide clear guidelines about what video formats it can play
  • Fifth why doesn't xbox increase the video formats it plays
  • Sixth why can't I access my videos on my HDD using Kinect and only have access to Zune

That will do for now.


And you can't cancel your account online or on the xbox. When you log in it says you must cancel your xbox live account by phoning us? WT? I don't think in the last 10 years of any service that has stored my credit card have I had to phone to delete it. Microsoft, must try harder guys.


What does dd or df or dh mean?

SO, being a Dad I get around the parents forums sometimes looking for information and advice on child rearing and other help. There are times you just need perspective from someone else and often those around you cannot relate or understand. One thing that really gets me about the forums in the use of jargon. So if you ever needed a guide to parenting and baby forums / acronyms here is a list for you. Hope it helps. Once you understand DD, DF, DS, DW the rest is easy.

AP - attachment parenting 
BB - Bulletin Board
BF - breastfeed or breastfed
BFing - breastfeeding
BTDT - been there, done that
BTW - by the way
dh/dw/dd/ds/dp - a reference to members of one's immediately family:
dear husband, dear wife, dear daughter, dear son, dear partner (etc.)
FAQ -Frequently Asked Questions
FWIW - for what it's worth
IMO - in my opinion
IMHO - in my humble opinion
LLL - La Leche League (international breastfeeding support organization)
LOL - laughing out loud
LMAO - laughing my arse off


Pretty Picture Friday

Today I just want to post a picture of home. Because it is pretty, and I like it.


Google Instant Search might be good for Adwords after all...

So Google Instant search is out and firing in Canada and the US. As it become global I expect most people will leave it on and not disable it. Most people will probably not realise that disabling it is an option.

So with this launch those of us running Google Adwords PPC campaigns ask ourselves what this means for our advertising. Will we still achieve a satisfactory click through rate? And will our CPC go up?

Initially my investigations led me to understand that tests done indicated that the Adwords effectiveness was not harmed in anyway and in certain circumstances was helped. Especially those using broadmatch keywords.

My take is that if you are in postition 1 or 2 you will likely experience no change or a lift in click-throughs based on a users new interaction with the results. Typing -> scanning straight down -> typing some more -> scanning straight down. I expect Advertising in the 3+ position on the right hand side will get little love.

I could be wrong and will welcome statistics to the contrary but it makes sense to me.

Best Canadian Website Hosting - Canadian Webhosting


If you are looking for the best Canadian Webhosting company and have searched all the webhosters all around to host your web page or website then look no further. Canadian Webhosting are a Canada Hosting company I have used before and know others who use them. In fact I probably know of over 100 people who use them to host their websites in Canada.

I get asked to recommend hosting a lot to web design companies who want a stable website hosting company. I have never had a complaint about CWH. I also get asked why host in Canada when I can host my website in the US for cheaper? The truth is that it matters, mostly to your Search Engine rankings as Google will more likely return a website hosting in the same country first and then websites hosted externally. So if you are competing with anyone in a similar market, which you probably are, then this offers you an ability to add another step ahead. review - free personal finance software

I should preface this write up by saying that is primarily aimed at the US right now. They accept and support most Canadian Banks which is why I am now using them but it hasn't been a big push for them yet. Mint is an online personal finance software, financial software and free budgeting software. The benefits for me are obvious:


  • It's free
  • It's automatic (bank transactions auto imported)
  • It auto budgets (allocates transactions into my budget categories)
  • It sends me emails (to let me know when I have gone over budget on an item)
  • It is mostly easy to use and attractive


You can sign up quickly and using your bank account details it auto downloads all yoru transaction. It gives you a summary of your financial position and also allows you to create budget targets for events or items. This helps you stay focused and is added into your monthly spending so you can't get away with any impulse buying (unless you have room in your budget).



basecamp - project management and collaboration software for small business

basecamp has been around for a long time. In fact 37 signals started it before the term collaboration was cool. When they say they have people managing projects and teams in the millions using it they are telling the truth. There are a lot of things about basecamp I like but here is always one gotcha and that is getting buy in from clients and staff to use it.


Those who conquer basecamp are rewarded with an online system that works very well for collaboration and working on projects with teams both local and afar. The ability to upload documents and files and store them for future reference and version control is brilliant. Also the ability for people enter in to discuss and comment on each is great. You don't need sharepoint to change the world as most of the features of such enterprise systems are lost on their users.



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