Drupal and Server Crashes

Drupal is crashing our server. It could be the server isn't spec'ed properly, or it could be Drupal is doing something weird. It goes up for about...a few hours but slowly slows down and crashes...I don't get it.

Not the most exciting thing to write about but what else can I do sitting at work at 7pm on a Friday staring at an Apache process...


Work is not that hard...is it

I thought this morning...is work really that hard. Yes, it can be stressful and all but compared to growing your own food and being in a no-grow-no-eat situation surely must be harder...

Kris and Pazza - Union Chapel London

Short video of it live - Check it out.

Link to video...

Mark Parrott
Kris Morris

UK Immigration

Why is it the UK lets so many people from the EU into the country uncontrolled and yet people from Commonwealth countries still attached to the Queen etc etc can't get in without selling their left knee caps?

Cat Deely

Probably shouldn't present American Idol...

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