Netflix is now available in Canada!

Finally after a long wait Netflix has launched in Canada. For only $7.99 per month you can stream and rent unlimited movies and videos. This movie rental service has done famously well in the USA and there has long been speculation whether they would be the only ones to get such a service as the market was large enough to support it.

In Canada sevices like have provide a great DVD rental service but have yet not delivered on a streaming solution. This is where delivers. The abilit to stream videos in real time to your TV, PS3, Wii, xBox, boxee or your regular computer is amazing news for movie lovers all over Canada.

I personaly expect I will be canceling my zip subscription (sorry zip, you have been good but you have to compete with instant access) and signing up with netflix right away.

The biggest difference with something like Netflix US and is that the Netflix Canada service does not send you the DVD in the mail. It is online streaming only. Who know if this will change in the future.

kashflow accounting software launches iPhone app

kashflow iphone app is available. If you didn't see it earlier the kashflow iPhone app is available which will now make it easier for people to invoice, pay and keep up to date with the overall health of their business while on the go. kashflow is one of my favourite online accounting / book keeping applications becuase it makes business accounting easy. I don't have the patience to ever get to know applications like Quickbooks and Sage accounting like other people do. kashflow takes away all the rubbish that you don't need for small business accounting or sole trader financials. So the cool thing about the iphone application, which is a mobile version of the accounts software, is that you get to create and send (email) invoices on the go. One of the super cool new features of the mobile application is you can take photos of receipts and upload them through the iPhone app.

  • Create invoices and email them on the go

Free Canadian Business Directory Listing

I always believe there can be no shortage of places to advertise your business. The big thing these days is getting your business rankings lifted in the search engines. It is harder and harder to find places to list your business without paying money. I always liked the idea of having a free online business directory so if you have a business and want it listed to increase awareness and get some link love then list it for free on myCanada Business is a free business directory where businesses can promote and advertise their services and products.

Why SEO comes first

In this day and age SEO is the chasis to the car, it's the foundations to the building and the soles on the shoe. It should come first and the website you are building or redesigning should draw it's structure from it.

It is still difficult for some businesses to understand why SEO is so important. You don't know the business your missing by not having a properly optimized site.

You can't build a new house until the foundations are laid. So with SEO you need to start with keyword research and analysis to understand how the site should be structured. It doesn't hurt to have a content plan but allow your content plan to adapt to the results of your SEO research.

Search Engine Optimization analysis will tell you what your potential clients are looking for which in turn allows you to target them accordingly with effective landing page and copy writing.


Top 10 Drupal Websites - You Vote

I am putting together the top 10 Drupal Websites list. Why? There seem to have been a whole bunch of really nice sites launched in the last 6-12 months so this is the opportunity for people to vote for, or add their favourite. We get to all see Drupal websites we may not have seen. And we get to give some link love.

Add your favourite(s) below in the Comments.

I still like the development seed sites

Simple design - effective usability and nice content placement. They don't look Drupal.

The Whitehouse Drupal site is also quote nice.

Add your favourite Drupal sites and lets get compiling a Top 10.


iPhone 4 stock shortages in Canada?

It's difficult to get an iPhone 4 at the moment. Either it is a new Apple strategy to keep everyone going back to the store everyday to queue in the hope of being successful, or they really are just dysfunctional at allocating and building units as needs expect.

Interestingly no one seems to be talking about iPhone stock shortages in Canada. In Vancouver, the Pacific Centre store has a queue out the store and out to the street daily. The sign up process is fairly slow so it must take them hours to finally get a phone, and I feel sorry for the poor buggers at the back of the line who get told to go home.

What is frustrating is that the store staff are none-the-wiser as to when stock is expected. This seems a little lame.

So if you know where there are stocks and supplies of the iPhone 4 in Vancouver or Canada let us know will you.

Boxee Review - Application of the Year 2010

Boxee Review - Winner of the parrott awards Application of the Year.

A couple of years back my application of the year was Spotify. This year it is Boxee. The reasons are quite simple. Firstly, it works and is cross platform. Secondly it works...oh...hang on.

On top of these obvious points there is the following:

Nike Football - Write the Future

It is just amazing. I know they have budget to burn but still, it's so well done.

Advicetap - How to Find local Consultants and Marketing Professionals

Advicetap is really aptly named and should require no further introductions or explanations. However, as it is my style to be verbose and long-winded I will attempt to explain in more words why it is a website different to it's apparent peers.

Firstly Advicetap is a great networking hub for Consultants and Marketing professionals. A place to share ideas, knowledge and advice that supports and informs the community at large.

If you are seeking a Marketing consultant, or any consultant, you can also post 'Gigs' to the site and receive applications for the project or role. You only need describe the project and wait for the responses.

The core difference is that Advicetap is managed by hand. The people who sign up to the site are assessed on their field of work to ensure that the site is made from professionals and consultants who do what they say they do, and well. This removes the clutter and noise often apparent on other similar sites.

So whether you are looking for a place to hire local Consultants or you are a Consultant looking for potential clients then you need to sign up. It only takes a minute.

xBox Natal - Why I am glad I bought an xBox

I got my xbox in the Christmas sales and at the time I thought maybe the PS3 looked better. But with Project Natal announced I think I made the right choice. To take such a serious gamers console and combine it with the ultimate in 'Wii type family fun' (on steroids) means there is something for everyone.

I can go from my Gears of War II session to a fun family quiz show or sports games with the kids all in the change of a button.

With what Steven Spielberg says about it I am certainly looking forward to it's launch.,8599,1902208,00.html

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