Things that conspire against me...

I just don't understand why when I need things to work they break. Expletives don't describe today well enough.

The checklist of moving a website from one server to another should be copy database, copy files -> upload files, upload database, move NS, check email accounts and your done.

Macbook vs Macbook Pro?

* Macbook
* Macbook Pro

Interesting Internet Statistics - 2008

If you are one of those on the presenting circuit you are often looking for little tidbits of information that will wow your audience. Or, if you are someone trying to sell in to technology stubborn companies then this video will provide you plenty of fodder. It's longer than you may have time for (about 4 minutes) but even just watch a minute and you may be impressed by the research done. I found it very interesting.

Who knows how accurate it is but a lot of these statistics I have heard before.

Things like:
- The top ten in-demand jobs in 2008 did not exist in 2004
- The US labour department estimates by age 38 todays learners will have had 10-14 jobs
- If MySpace was a country it would be the 5th largest in the world

iPhone 3.0 Software Version preview on 17th March

Apple are giving a preview of the new iPhone 3 software version on the 17th March. Sadly this is a preview, not a complete version and is Apples way of creating more interest from developers to get it moving along no doubt.

I wonder what new wonders this will bring. Rumours include Universal search which the Palm Pre is scheduled to include. With other rumours of the new iPhone out in June this could be an eventful few months.

I always like my Apples packaged.

Amazon Kindle vs iPhone for eBook reading?

* Amazon Kindle
* iPhone (with added eBook app)

Photos of Ukraine, Pripyat. 2009

I missed the documentary that looked at Pripyat, Ukraine on the BBC but these photos are almost more powerful. If you have ever wondered what a city would look like if it were abandoned, this is it. Deserted with the Chernobyl catastrophe, the city housed alot of the Cernobyl workforce. It has been radio active and left to ruin for around 23 years. Make sure you get to the bottom as there are some amazing shots of a fun park also.

Pixelpipe - Post once and let your content multiply

I got my Mr Wong email update this morning. Not normally something I read but today I thought I would throw caution to the wind and click on the enticing subject line, diving in to expose me to all sorts of Wongness.

Today I did discover something new and remotely interesting. A new Beta service called PixelPipe which announces it can post your content to nearly any network or blog online. What caught my eye initially was that they tout alot of networks, including such big hitters as Facebook, Flickr and my personal favourite, Drupal.

39 Button Design Tutorials

There are only about two designs in this list I would possibly consider designing but if you need a hand getting your buttons right, or just need some inspiration, then this is a cool list to start with. These are Photoshop design tutorials but can be applied to Fireworks. Just not as well as Photoshop is better at this button stuff than Fireworks.

Apple Launches the New Mac Mini

I have been waiting for the new Mac Mini to launch for so long it's been like waiting for the bathroom after Dinner service on a Boeing 737 to Hong Kong. The Mac Mini is a personal favourite of mine from the Apple Mac computers family. Sadly it seems the new Mac Mini announced by Apple has not come out with anything very exciting.

You can read more on the new Mac Mini here.

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