Whoops...is that Twitter spam? Oh, um, yes it is actually

It seems to be the season of silly things for me. Today I did a bulk node import from an old blog into this blog. But what I failed to do was turn off the Twitter update status option in the twitter module for Drupal. So, be warned. Unless you want to repeat my stupidity remember to turn off the Drupal twitter Module update option when bulk importing nodes.

To those who received all 192 gratuitous updates in twitter, my humble, humble apologies.

Copy Alerts - Make sure your content stays your content

As any informed blogger or SEO guru will tell you, having unique content on your website is more than just a little important these days. Ensuring Google (and other search engines, lest we forget) see you as a credible and unique source of information for the content you write is one of the last things on the web worth really protecting. After spending quality time writing and optimising your content it gives you the wookies if people steal it.

NB: There are a lot of ways people can get your content and use it for evil. One is the simple copy and paste. Two is using a scrapper to 'scrape' your information from your site automagically. Three is taking RSS feeds and importing them as posts on their own sites without including a link to original. And there are a few more no doubt.

Traffic is up, new projects are in and positivity abounds

There is no doubt in my mind that times are tough for a lot of people. And in many ways that could easily be me, in fact, it should be me based on the style of businesses I run. However, it isn't. I am beginning work on a new eCommerce project tomorrow which could be one of the most promising start ups I have worked on personally. I will talk more of this as time goes on as it will be a great case study of building and marketing a website in a small marketplace using very common products, far from niche.

Additionally traffic on my other primary site hit quite a decent January high yesterday. Last weekend it hit quite a low and panic set in but it has bounced back nicely.

email Stoopidity - How to lose email when moving your domain

I did something stupid last night. I don't often do stupid things, only when I am tired and sick, which I am both right now. Anyway I moved markparrott.com to new servers and forgot something important; That is to set up the mail accounts on the new server.

So if you emailed me today (date of post) I didn't get it. Sorry if you thought I was rude.

Upgraded...and it feels good

Finally, after a lot of thought markparrott.com has received it's long awaited upgrade to Drupal 6.10. I figure it's time to build some more interesting thoughts into the site so the theme face lift will be next and then some insights into the SEO work I have been doing lately.

ecto review - Using Ecto on a Mac (OS X) with Drupal to blog offline

I experimented with quite a few off-line blogging tools before I decided that ecto was a good choice. When you select a tool like this It is hard to know if the maintainer will continue to upgrade and improve it. I have been using ecto about six months and think I have had a least two updates during this time which is good.

To use any off-line blogging tool with Drupal you need to enable the Blog API. This can be found on the modules page, in the Core-optional section. If you're using ecto and it is the latest version then Drupal it's available in the list when you click in new account. In actual fact the software uses the settings for the movable type blog which must use the same blogger API, so worst-case select movable type as your blog type.

A good idea...City Travel Tips

It's not often I have good ideas but this is a cracker. It thinks like this...

Imagine you are about to go on a weekend City travel break or a holiday to different cities. The first thing you want to do is get local tips on the best restaurants, the best sightseeing activities, the best shopping spots etc etc. You can buy a travel guide but what if you could be sure that it was the coolest place.

Using Drupal Prepopulate Module with Node Reference

In a few words. Yes it works but dont parse the node title, parse the nid.

It will probably have a name like noderef_field_name][0][nid][nid] - so add square brackets around the array name and remove one of the [nid] references.

Like - <a href="/node/add/thing?edit[noderef_field_name][0][nid]=<?php print $nid; ?>>link to node reference</a>


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