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kashflow accounting software launches iPhone app

kashflow iphone app is available. If you didn't see it earlier the kashflow iPhone app is available which will now make it easier for people to invoice, pay and keep up to date with the overall health of their business while on the go. kashflow is one of my favourite online accounting / book keeping applications becuase it makes business accounting easy. I don't have the patience to ever get to know applications like Quickbooks and Sage accounting like other people do. kashflow takes away all the rubbish that you don't need for small business accounting or sole trader financials. So the cool thing about the iphone application, which is a mobile version of the accounts software, is that you get to create and send (email) invoices on the go. One of the super cool new features of the mobile application is you can take photos of receipts and upload them through the iPhone app.

  • Create invoices and email them on the go

iPhone 4 stock shortages in Canada?

It's difficult to get an iPhone 4 at the moment. Either it is a new Apple strategy to keep everyone going back to the store everyday to queue in the hope of being successful, or they really are just dysfunctional at allocating and building units as needs expect.

Interestingly no one seems to be talking about iPhone stock shortages in Canada. In Vancouver, the Pacific Centre store has a queue out the store and out to the street daily. The sign up process is fairly slow so it must take them hours to finally get a phone, and I feel sorry for the poor buggers at the back of the line who get told to go home.

What is frustrating is that the store staff are none-the-wiser as to when stock is expected. This seems a little lame.

So if you know where there are stocks and supplies of the iPhone 4 in Vancouver or Canada let us know will you.

iPhone 3.0 Software Version preview on 17th March

Apple are giving a preview of the new iPhone 3 software version on the 17th March. Sadly this is a preview, not a complete version and is Apples way of creating more interest from developers to get it moving along no doubt.

I wonder what new wonders this will bring. Rumours include Universal search which the Palm Pre is scheduled to include. With other rumours of the new iPhone out in June this could be an eventful few months.

I always like my Apples packaged.

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