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Skype 2.8 launches for Mac OS X

Skype have launched their newest version of their Mac OS X client (2.8) which comes with some great new features. The main one being screen sharing, something usually only PC users could enjoy with MSN and Skype but now also available on Mac. This is great news and a positive improvement for Skype. It should further enhance their popularity over other IM clients like iChat mainly as they are cross platform.

Other new features include nice new icons, oh, and better sound and audio. There is also PAYG WiFi access but I haven't quite figured out what they are on about there.

It's the little things in life...

Get it from Skype

Feed Me Deals (fmd) (UK)

Mac OS X Pre-order Leopard

Pre-ordering of Mac OS X Leopard is now available through Amazon UK and USA. They seem to offer a pretty good guarantee of getting it to you in a hurry which is appealing. I see little point in waiting for other people to try it.


Office for Mac up the duff...

So after doing something recently I have stuffed my Mac, or something has. It seems to be a prolific problem worldwide this week but still no fix...what to do...

When you click on the icons in the dock or try to open the application from applications folder it just bounces but does not open. This seems to affect Office, Word - Powerpoint - Excel. It also affects my Omnigraffle. Most other things seem OK.

Things I have tried:

Using Fontbook to validate Fonts - all OK there.
Used Yasu to clean and purge all sorts - No difference.


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