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Poor mans (Free) SEO and Marketing Toolkit

If you are engaged in online marketing there are a lot of channels you need to be monitoring. There is the SEO and SEM plus the Social Media channels including facebook and twitter. Add in some email marketing, some conversion optimisation and a little link building and you might be getting a bit exhausted.

Smart people got together and built companies like hubspot and seomoz to help people manage their online marketing and lead generation exercises. Toolkits that help monitor more than one area of your online marketing initiatives and provide useful guidance in being more effective. You can also add tools like Geckoboard to help get snapshots of your work in one place.

There is one problem with these tools. Price.

So how do you try to achieve all you can using free tools? Here are some handy tools that you might find useful in growing your leads, increasing sales and building traffic (not necessarily in that order).

Free tools for effective online marketing management

The Secret to Successful Online Marketing

Create Engaging, Shareable, Remarkable content that is Unique, Fresh and distribute it Regularly.

That's it.

Advicetap - How to Find local Consultants and Marketing Professionals

Advicetap is really aptly named and should require no further introductions or explanations. However, as it is my style to be verbose and long-winded I will attempt to explain in more words why it is a website different to it's apparent peers.

Firstly Advicetap is a great networking hub for Consultants and Marketing professionals. A place to share ideas, knowledge and advice that supports and informs the community at large.

If you are seeking a Marketing consultant, or any consultant, you can also post 'Gigs' to the site and receive applications for the project or role. You only need describe the project and wait for the responses.

The core difference is that Advicetap is managed by hand. The people who sign up to the site are assessed on their field of work to ensure that the site is made from professionals and consultants who do what they say they do, and well. This removes the clutter and noise often apparent on other similar sites.

So whether you are looking for a place to hire local Consultants or you are a Consultant looking for potential clients then you need to sign up. It only takes a minute.

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