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Boxee Review - Application of the Year 2010

Boxee Review - Winner of the parrott awards Application of the Year.

A couple of years back my application of the year was Spotify. This year it is Boxee. The reasons are quite simple. Firstly, it works and is cross platform. Secondly it works...oh...hang on.

On top of these obvious points there is the following:

Personal & Small Business financial software for my Mac (OS X) (Money & Bookkeeping software)

It has been a long path to reviewing an entry level, basic financial, budgeting, money monitoring tool for my business & personal finances. (Note: This post is looking at a UK business but all products are available for international countries, in fact most are US based products.)

Having no need for the high products like Intuit Quickbooks, Tas Books, MYOB or SAGE I wanted to find something affordable that allows me to do basic accounts management, budgeting and bank statement reconciliations. Enough that I can give my accountant a summary at the end of the year and monitor my budgets and income in the process.

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