Boxee Review - Application of the Year 2010

Boxee Review - Winner of the parrott awards Application of the Year.

A couple of years back my application of the year was Spotify. This year it is Boxee. The reasons are quite simple. Firstly, it works and is cross platform. Secondly it works...oh...hang on.

On top of these obvious points there is the following:

  • The usability is really well thought out and it feels nice to use - really nice. I use my mac remote but you can also use your iPhone and more. I also use my bluetooth keyboard from time to time.
  • Combines both your local media and your online media into one easy to use package. I can watch a video from my hard drive and then watch a youtube video from online seemlessly
  • Allows you to access all online video media from Vimeo, You Tube, Blip and much more
  • Allows you to watch online editions of TV shows on the major networks (so instead of visiting ABC or CTV online to watch shows you can do it through Boxee).
  • I can share items with other friends using boxee and they will have it appear on their boxee as something I recommended to watch
  • It handles video, photos and music from your local machine and can handle online video, pandora and much more. Of course a lot of this is dependant on the Country you live in. There are ways around the IP address thing but I don't want to give it away here.


As an evolution of the XBMC it has come a long way and I can see this being the future of integrated television. There is a D-Link hardware box coming out to support it and I will buy it when it does. CUrrently I stream all my media from an Airport Extreme with hard drives plugged into it. Then I plug my laptop into the T.V and use Boxee on that.

I know that Google TV is coming soon and it purports to do similar but Boxee accesses my local media as well as online. I am not sure if Google TV will do that initially at least.

So - it's free and available on PC, Mac and Linux so if nothing else go have a play.


Boxee sucks

Anonymous's picture

I don't know what you have been reviewing regarding Boxee, the software interface is a mess, it feels more natural browing the video stream sites directly in a browser than to use the silly SW. The social aspect of the SW is forced and useless, the UI is ugly and unintuitive. A majority of the feed don't work properly, video scaling is poor compared to the operating system's browser's built in capabilities. I don't understand why so many think Boxee has anything going for them. It's not as simple as exiting media center already on the market and it's as customizable and intuitive as using the OS's build in media software. It is in fact a huge waste of bits. What Boxee has done great so far is promotion and PR, but that does not make a good product, Boxee should transfer itself into a infomercial company instead of a software company.

Wow, almost like we have

mark's picture

Wow, almost like we have tried using completely different software. I agree it can be buggy and the video codec can look a bit chunky but it works and is better than other free options I have tried. I like it.

LeoNovus promises to be much better...

Anonymous's picture

I'm using Boxee on my HTPC, and the interface is great, although some apps are a little too busy and hard to read, even on a 50" TV. However, I've pretty much given up on using this product it's become too frustrating to use. The problem is that after searching for and finding something I'd like to watch, I'm only notified on the last step that that content is not available to Canada. Hopefully the new product being released from LeoNovus in early 2011 will address this issue for us. Thanks.

You obviously reviewed some

What Were U Smoking's picture

You obviously reviewed some not released to the rest of us version.

As a new a new user I found the user interface completely counter-intuitive. The UI really really truly sucks.

And it really burns me that you and everyone else claim that CTV is available on Boxee, but yet not one person can show/tell me how to actually make this happen.

A way to invest into this new technology...

Teck4Breakfast's picture

Well at least it's new to the masses. And what does that mean? Big money and profits! Now I have Boxee, and I think it's great, and if they were a public company, I'd be buying their shares. Although, all the negative reviews lately make me wonder. And that's why I would suggest having a look at a new public company that will be called LeoNovus. Very few people know about this company at the moment, but as of a couple of weeks ago, you can buy their shares on the Venture under symbol V.WHC. They will be releasing their first product in early 2011 and they describe it as all the good about Google TV without all the bad. I have been told that it will be similar in concept to the Boxee Box and Google TV, but much better. Retail price will be about $150. The details are being kept secret for now, but keep an eye on it. Those who act quickly, could make a killing. Imagine getting in on the ground level of *******. Well here's your chance.

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