iPhone 4 stock shortages in Canada?

It's difficult to get an iPhone 4 at the moment. Either it is a new Apple strategy to keep everyone going back to the store everyday to queue in the hope of being successful, or they really are just dysfunctional at allocating and building units as needs expect.

Interestingly no one seems to be talking about iPhone stock shortages in Canada. In Vancouver, the Pacific Centre store has a queue out the store and out to the street daily. The sign up process is fairly slow so it must take them hours to finally get a phone, and I feel sorry for the poor buggers at the back of the line who get told to go home.

What is frustrating is that the store staff are none-the-wiser as to when stock is expected. This seems a little lame.

So if you know where there are stocks and supplies of the iPhone 4 in Vancouver or Canada let us know will you.



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The phone 4 is not available anywhere in this country at the moment. Rumours are not till Sept.

Serious piss off.


There is still a queue out

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There is still a queue out side the Apple Store in the Pacific Centre everyday. Out to the street. And everyday they sell out...again. Today there were people with camping chairs in the line. It sounds like if you want to take a day off and be there early with a few hours to kill your in with a chance. Otherwise your toast. Seriously, if you can supply the store daily why not send a few more to satiate the immediate need. The iPhone 4 isn't that cool is it?

iPhone 4 Out of Stock - When

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iPhone 4 Out of Stock - When will there be enough stock to meet demand? And why can't APple Store employees even tell you.

Adequate supply of iPhones,

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Adequate supply of iPhones, to be marketed as iPhone 5, is expected when the antenna issue is resolved. This is estimated towards the end of 2010.

None in Newfoundland

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I am from Newfoundland and the shortages here are rediculous. We don't even have an Apple Store in Newfoundland so we have to go through the major dealers, like Bell, Rogers, etc.

Only the main phone companies had phones to sell on the July 30th launch. All of the smaller retailers, haven't even gotten their first shipment.

All the Bell Stores here only had 10 phones or less on Launch day and haven't had ANY IN SINCE. I put a deposit down and prepaid for the phone through "The Source" and they haven't even received their original "launch day" phones yet. Nor do they expect them any time soon.

If people in the west coast can wait in line and get a phone, they are LUCKY! There is no point in waiting in line at any of our stores, since they haven't had any phones in since Launch Day!!!

Apple can sell 1.5 million phones in the US on launch day, how many did Canada get? 2-3 thousand maybe? It's mind blowing stupid.

It is so frustrating, I may say to hell with it.

Lining up for hours and

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Lining up for hours and camping in front of the store is the most ridiculous manifestation of consumer behaviour. I do not feel pity for those people whose lives are so incredibly empty to the point that they would waste their lives waiting in line for a cellphone...the end is obviously near.

iPhone Launch Disaster

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What nobody has said yet is that the iPhone 4 international launch is a bungle that will cost Apple hundreds of millions in Q3 revenue. With production volume reported at only 2 million units per month rather than the 4 million units planned, due to Retina Screen shortages, Apple effectively launched a product that they don't have, and won't have, for some time.

Firing Mark Paperman, Apple's former head of iPhone development, shortly after the bungled launch, is cold comfort to people in Canada and elsewhere who simply cannot get a unit.

Even worse, frustrated dealerships have none to sell, so instead they're recommending Android devices.

That's one bruised Apple, for sure.

iPhone Launch Disaster

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How a company that make billions yearly can not lunch a product properly like that?!?!?

It's absolutly ridiculous to see them making advertising and advertising about a product that they can not provide.

If it was something as good as this phone on the market, i would buy it and never do business with apple for sure.

They are really badly unorganised and i should be affraid to have other millions of problems with their stuff like itunes server overload and things like that... we must think about it.

Iphone 4 Out of stock in Quebec

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I forgot to say that they are out of stock everywhere in Quebec province also..

Wow - a post from

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Wow - a post from Referencement. I nearly worked for you in London/Paris once.

Seriously !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I am beside myself at how these guys operate. Now out of the blue apple store os not taking reservations or appointments to get your phone. Get your heads out of your asses apple! The supply is never there. You suck with all the games you play.

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