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Affiliate program assumption that Support Centres are a pancea (cj)

Is it just me or is a certain large affiliate company a difficult company to communicate with? Can't I Just email someone? With a website that assume everyone wants to deal with a 'support centre'. Very frustrated, and I get this way everytime I try to interact with them. Shame.


Internet - can there be only one Winner in any Market?

In the old days there was plenty of room to do business in the same market as a competitor. There were market conditions that kept things separate, usually geography. Running a printing company in Suburb A of a city meant there was room for another printing company to operate in Suburb B in same city. If you live in a 'bigish' city you will know there are areas in your City that you have never visited and may not in the future. Nestled in those unknown areas are businesses you have also never heard of that others are doing business with right now.

With the internet the rules have changed. It is easy to be another restaurant on a street of restaurants but you may only ever get the crumbs of a large pie.

Poor mans (Free) SEO and Marketing Toolkit

If you are engaged in online marketing there are a lot of channels you need to be monitoring. There is the SEO and SEM plus the Social Media channels including facebook and twitter. Add in some email marketing, some conversion optimisation and a little link building and you might be getting a bit exhausted.

Smart people got together and built companies like hubspot and seomoz to help people manage their online marketing and lead generation exercises. Toolkits that help monitor more than one area of your online marketing initiatives and provide useful guidance in being more effective. You can also add tools like Geckoboard to help get snapshots of your work in one place.

There is one problem with these tools. Price.

So how do you try to achieve all you can using free tools? Here are some handy tools that you might find useful in growing your leads, increasing sales and building traffic (not necessarily in that order).

Free tools for effective online marketing management

The Secret to Successful Online Marketing

Create Engaging, Shareable, Remarkable content that is Unique, Fresh and distribute it Regularly.

That's it.

Herbal Detox

When someone says Herbal Detox or Colon Cleanse to me it usually leaves me with a funny feeling about what would be required for such a feat. Herbl Detox, or any body detox is a way of balancing out the toxins in your body to 'right' the internal balance of your intestinal system. This allows the body to function correctly as it was meant to.

If you imagine that everything you eat, drink and breath in leaves a footprint or residue in your body you will understand that a good detox and colon cleanse can rid you of these harmful chemicals and toxins. By flushing these toxins out of your body you can promote better health and well being. In fact there are cases of people ridding themselves of associated conditions.

Weigh loss is also a common effect of body detox and people usually report a healthy drop in unwanted weight. Brett Elliott's Ultimate Herbal Detox is one program that offers great reslts and has been used by over 50,000 people. You can read the testimonials on the website and there is a lot of information on what comes with his cleansing pack.


Why Google and Facebook own your new internet business

With the recent updates to facebook pages, by facebook, we are reminded that mega companies like facebook and google can do what they want, when they want. This update is far less dramatic that ones in the past but it is a small reminder that if facebook decides to rework a layout and do away with tabs in favour of left navigation, then it will.

More dramatic for developers is all the time some people spend learning FBML only to now be told that they will be phasing it out over time. Stupid idea to start your own markup language really, isn't it. There are open options for this kind of thing which is now apparent as iframes are supported instead.

The thing that is a little unnerving about all this is that after spending $xx on developing things for facebook a company may go under over night because facebook make a change that affects everyone without thought or consequence to anything other than their own agenda.

People developing for facebook you have been warned.

Vibrant Upgrade to Froyo

Did anyone else have a problem with your Vibrant Android Market going back to the old one after you upgraded? I got the new one for a day and now it is back to the old green Android Market.  This on the Samsung Vibrant Galaxy S from Eclaire to Froyo 2.2

kashflow - best financial software for small business?

If you are looking for the best financial software for small business then you probably need to spend some time with kashflow. I have reviewed this before but wanted to do a more thorough overview as people seem to be asking for it.

Hosted Accounting Solution

Firstly, I must say that one of the obvious benefits of kashflow is that it is a hosted solution. These days we seem to be used to getting everything we need in a browser. And with web design as it is there is the ability to change the user navigation easily to match the needs of the people using it. So kashflow as online accounting software benefits from having a layout that moves with the times. Older software packages like sage, quickbooks, myob (now called acclivity) and others suffer from being stuck in a rut regaring design and more importantly usability. So, to start with kashflow has better usability.

Access kashflow anywhere

Goodbye Mobilicity Vancouver - It's been...well...

I don't like writing sad posts about Companies. I like writing about success not failure but yesterday I switched to Bell. I didn't necessarily want to switch but I had had no phone coverage for almost a week on Mobilicity and couldn't take it any more. The prices Mobilicity are offering are great but as my previous posts mention there are a lot of kinks that need to be ironed out before it works well. They have spent the last week or so separating themselves from the Rogers (CDN Roaming) network so that the two are definitely separate. In the process it seems that the fine tuning has not gone so well. In splitting themselves it has made it impossible to identify if issue are related to the phone you own or the network.

What would kids make of the Gadgets & Games we grew up with..

I love this video. It's french with subtitles but it is hillarious watching these kids discover the gadgets that were cutting edge when I was younger.


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