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Affiliate program assumption that Support Centres are a pancea (cj)

Is it just me or is a certain large affiliate company a difficult company to communicate with? Can't I Just email someone? With a website that assume everyone wants to deal with a 'support centre'. Very frustrated, and I get this way everytime I try to interact with them. Shame.


The Secret to Successful Online Marketing

Create Engaging, Shareable, Remarkable content that is Unique, Fresh and distribute it Regularly.

That's it.

Why Google and Facebook own your new internet business

With the recent updates to facebook pages, by facebook, we are reminded that mega companies like facebook and google can do what they want, when they want. This update is far less dramatic that ones in the past but it is a small reminder that if facebook decides to rework a layout and do away with tabs in favour of left navigation, then it will.

More dramatic for developers is all the time some people spend learning FBML only to now be told that they will be phasing it out over time. Stupid idea to start your own markup language really, isn't it. There are open options for this kind of thing which is now apparent as iframes are supported instead.

The thing that is a little unnerving about all this is that after spending $xx on developing things for facebook a company may go under over night because facebook make a change that affects everyone without thought or consequence to anything other than their own agenda.

People developing for facebook you have been warned.

Google Instant Search might be good for Adwords after all...

So Google Instant search is out and firing in Canada and the US. As it become global I expect most people will leave it on and not disable it. Most people will probably not realise that disabling it is an option.

So with this launch those of us running Google Adwords PPC campaigns ask ourselves what this means for our advertising. Will we still achieve a satisfactory click through rate? And will our CPC go up?

Initially my investigations led me to understand that tests done indicated that the Adwords effectiveness was not harmed in anyway and in certain circumstances was helped. Especially those using broadmatch keywords.

My take is that if you are in postition 1 or 2 you will likely experience no change or a lift in click-throughs based on a users new interaction with the results. Typing -> scanning straight down -> typing some more -> scanning straight down. I expect Advertising in the 3+ position on the right hand side will get little love.

I could be wrong and will welcome statistics to the contrary but it makes sense to me.

Best Canadian Website Hosting - Canadian Webhosting


If you are looking for the best Canadian Webhosting company and have searched all the webhosters all around to host your web page or website then look no further. Canadian Webhosting are a Canada Hosting company I have used before and know others who use them. In fact I probably know of over 100 people who use them to host their websites in Canada.

I get asked to recommend hosting a lot to web design companies who want a stable website hosting company. I have never had a complaint about CWH. I also get asked why host in Canada when I can host my website in the US for cheaper? The truth is that it matters, mostly to your Search Engine rankings as Google will more likely return a website hosting in the same country first and then websites hosted externally. So if you are competing with anyone in a similar market, which you probably are, then this offers you an ability to add another step ahead.

basecamp - project management and collaboration software for small business

basecamp has been around for a long time. In fact 37 signals started it before the term collaboration was cool. When they say they have people managing projects and teams in the millions using it they are telling the truth. There are a lot of things about basecamp I like but here is always one gotcha and that is getting buy in from clients and staff to use it.


Those who conquer basecamp are rewarded with an online system that works very well for collaboration and working on projects with teams both local and afar. The ability to upload documents and files and store them for future reference and version control is brilliant. Also the ability for people enter in to discuss and comment on each is great. You don't need sharepoint to change the world as most of the features of such enterprise systems are lost on their users.



kashflow accounting software launches iPhone app

kashflow iphone app is available. If you didn't see it earlier the kashflow iPhone app is available which will now make it easier for people to invoice, pay and keep up to date with the overall health of their business while on the go. kashflow is one of my favourite online accounting / book keeping applications becuase it makes business accounting easy. I don't have the patience to ever get to know applications like Quickbooks and Sage accounting like other people do. kashflow takes away all the rubbish that you don't need for small business accounting or sole trader financials. So the cool thing about the iphone application, which is a mobile version of the accounts software, is that you get to create and send (email) invoices on the go. One of the super cool new features of the mobile application is you can take photos of receipts and upload them through the iPhone app.

  • Create invoices and email them on the go

Why SEO comes first

In this day and age SEO is the chasis to the car, it's the foundations to the building and the soles on the shoe. It should come first and the website you are building or redesigning should draw it's structure from it.

It is still difficult for some businesses to understand why SEO is so important. You don't know the business your missing by not having a properly optimized site.

You can't build a new house until the foundations are laid. So with SEO you need to start with keyword research and analysis to understand how the site should be structured. It doesn't hurt to have a content plan but allow your content plan to adapt to the results of your SEO research.

Search Engine Optimization analysis will tell you what your potential clients are looking for which in turn allows you to target them accordingly with effective landing page and copy writing.


iPhone 4 stock shortages in Canada?

It's difficult to get an iPhone 4 at the moment. Either it is a new Apple strategy to keep everyone going back to the store everyday to queue in the hope of being successful, or they really are just dysfunctional at allocating and building units as needs expect.

Interestingly no one seems to be talking about iPhone stock shortages in Canada. In Vancouver, the Pacific Centre store has a queue out the store and out to the street daily. The sign up process is fairly slow so it must take them hours to finally get a phone, and I feel sorry for the poor buggers at the back of the line who get told to go home.

What is frustrating is that the store staff are none-the-wiser as to when stock is expected. This seems a little lame.

So if you know where there are stocks and supplies of the iPhone 4 in Vancouver or Canada let us know will you.

Advicetap - How to Find local Consultants and Marketing Professionals

Advicetap is really aptly named and should require no further introductions or explanations. However, as it is my style to be verbose and long-winded I will attempt to explain in more words why it is a website different to it's apparent peers.

Firstly Advicetap is a great networking hub for Consultants and Marketing professionals. A place to share ideas, knowledge and advice that supports and informs the community at large.

If you are seeking a Marketing consultant, or any consultant, you can also post 'Gigs' to the site and receive applications for the project or role. You only need describe the project and wait for the responses.

The core difference is that Advicetap is managed by hand. The people who sign up to the site are assessed on their field of work to ensure that the site is made from professionals and consultants who do what they say they do, and well. This removes the clutter and noise often apparent on other similar sites.

So whether you are looking for a place to hire local Consultants or you are a Consultant looking for potential clients then you need to sign up. It only takes a minute.

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